Description Edit

Text to Breasoning (T2B) began as a meditation-derived solution to breason out (earn high distinctions with essays) on computer. It gives the classical computer mind reading, time travel, quantum energy production and particular medical uses. The ability to breason out with a computer has connotations of quantum-determined consciousness, and infinite possibilities that consciousness has.

Character Breasoning Edit

The first version of Text to Breasoning breasoned out the size of characters (with the human meditating, treated the characters' X, Y and Z dimensions as functional units of (one breasoning of 80 in) high distinctions.

Word Breasoning Edit

The second version of Text to Breasoning used a dictionary to narrow words to a meaning, and breasoned out the object for that meaning. It requires entering breasonings for different words with the same words multiple times and due to human error, words with the same meanings may be assigned slightly different meanings, contributing to the metaphorical value of the program.

Breasoning Other Breasoning Details Edit

Optionally, Text to Breasoning may be used to breason out other pedagogical ways of thinking (breasoning details) other than breasonings, such as breathsonings (adjectives), room, the part of room, direction (arbitrarily the object or you are facing), the object to prepare, and the object to finish. Rebreathsonings are omitted and assumed to merge with breathsonings. T2B omits the pedagogical way of thinking time to do because it is similar to the breasoning.

Ethics Edit

T2B-breasoned breasonings have an upper limit of 100 As (of 80 breasonings each) per week, with extra ones going into a "recordings" (non-experienced) container. While they have medical uses such as possibly helping Parkinson's sufferers with their memory, incorrect use requires a disclaimer.

Further Reading Edit

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