Lucian Green's Humanist Pedagogy describes algorithmic approaches to earning high distinctions at school and University.

See descriptions of the following arguments, Free Online Pedagogy Education Degree.

Details - As an exercise, think of two uses, a future use and two types for each object.

Breasonings - One should calculate the X, Y and Z dimensions of objects to write clear sentences.

Rebreasonings - Rebreason that the subject touches the object.

Breathsonings - Compute the human judgement of a noun.

  1. Breathsonings Secondary Text Lucian Green and Geraldine Houser

Rebreathsoning - Compute the human judgement of a verb.

Room - Compute the room that the action is performed in.

Part of Room - Compute the part of the room that the action is performed in.

Direction - Computes the direction faced and orientation of the object acted on.

Time to Prepare - Computes the time to prepare for the action.

Time to Do - Computes the time to do the action.

Time to Finish - Computes the time to finish the action.

Professor Algorithm - Use your ability to hone breasonings for H1s.

God Algorithm - Further use your ability to hone breasonings for H1s.

Pedagogy Indicator: Higher Grades - Argument that Pedagogy increases grades.

Pedagogy Indicator: Fewer Stillbirths - Argument that Pedagogy causes fewer stillbirths.

Pedagogy Indicator: A Greater Number Of Successful Job Applications - Argument that Pedagogy allows a greater number of successful job applications.

Aigs for Pedagogy Helper - The required Aigs argument (where an aig is a spiritual data structure) to become a pedagogy helper (someone who can appear to say breasonings to write).

Create and Help a Pedagogue

Instructions for using Recordings and Lecturer in Computer Science.

Recordings - Indicate non-hand-breasoned As for postgraduate work.

Lecturer - Breason out any idea, not just found out breasonings.

Daily Regimen - Repeat daily

Lucian Green Blog - With further details about Daily Regimen

Delegate Workloads - Helps with preventing headaches

Marking Scheme - Humanities and Science

Marking Scheme - Creative Arts

Further Reading[edit | edit source]

Lucianic Meditation - How to use pedagogy to achieve your goals, and how to write your own pedagogical arguments.

Lucian's Pedagogy Blog - Humanist Pedagogy Area of Study that the Lucianpedia Pedagogy Breasoning Chapters "unlock".

Pedagogy Anarchy Meditation - An example pedagogical argument to achieve your goals.

Rest of Pedagogy Details[edit | edit source]

The details of the incomplete Humanist Pedagogy Area of Study that the Lucianpedia Pedagogy Breasoning Chapters "unlock" are as follows.

Time to prepare – aim, aim subreason, object prepared, money, money source

Time to do – time, space, question, answer, report

Time to finish – planning, disposal point, disposed object, feedback, suggestions

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