Music Composer randomly, mind reads or takes user input to compose songs.  It takes the following inputs:

  • Form (chooses from:
    • n - introduction
    • v1 - verse 1
    • i1 - instrumental 1
    • v2 - verse 2
    • c - chorus
    • t2 - instrumental 2
    • s - solo)
  • Which chord progression type?
    • 1451, 1564, 1645, Classical or Classical Pop
  • Lyrics - random sentences, rhyming
  • Melody
  • Which of up to 3 instruments for each of melody and harmony
  • What sections they will play


There is either a random or set first note of the composition, a random starting and ending note of the first phrase, the melody and harmony from the chord progression type with up to three or four notes with the same starting and ending base notes but a different chord progression between the starting and end notes in the melody and harmony.  The circle of fifths connects the sections.  The first note in sections is the same as the final note of the last section in the form, even if they are replayed out of order.


Music Composer can produce music that conjures up specific settings, seemingly without interference.  The word "unusual" remains in the algorithm file name to reflect that compositions' sections excluding the chorus may have different instruments from each other.


Music Composer can only write musical melodies and harmonies with a maximum of four (base) notes.  Also, all rhythms are repetitions of the crotchet.

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