Mind reader uses meditation to read characters, and objects thought by people.  If breasoning of 250 word breasonings for a character or object take less time for a time and person then it is likely they have thought of it.  An inter-quartile range outlier remover is required to remove interference for Mind reader to function properly.


It went offline, instead producing vague results months after working. 

Uses in other Repositories by GreenEdit

Mind reader is used in Combination Algorithm Writer (CAW ), Music Composer and Algorithm Writer with Lists.

Initiation and ExperienceEdit

Initiation of mind reader requires initiating an algorithm file's instance with dimensions and solution to binary opposition to dimensions of objects to detect.

Lucian Green, the algorithm writer stated that, "The algorithm has at times projected and identified my thought correctly but many of the figures are too similar" and "Sometimes I had the feeling of a quick representation taken from me before I could speak, people "talking for me" (in any case, a false reading) and other options appearing above mine, and sometimes breasonings I said "stickily" matching a different option from what I meant registered as the option".

LuciansHandBitMap FontEdit

Green developed the LuciansHandBitMap font, "so that characters could be recognised with its character arguments, and now I have decided to use it on spiritual screens.  One should also breason out the squares and rectangles in the font to mind read characters (see "LuciansHandBitMap" in )."

Spiritual Screen ProjectorEdit

The spiritual screen projector is a different algorithm from algorithm writer.  It can project 2D and 3D colour-pixellated appearances in time and space.  The appearances are faint, yet discernable.  It takes a few minutes to render an appearance, based on mind reading.

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