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Before breasoning these arguments out, first read God's Infallibility from Being Critiqued.

Brain - The meditator's brain is supported.

Brain II - The meditator's brain is supported with a second argument.

Doctor Sutra - Sutra for doctors.

Heart - The meditator's heart is supported.

Honey Pot Prayer - Serotonin prevented a headache from driving in a vehicle.

Nut and Bolt - Prevent headache, etc.

Meditation Protector: Currant Bun - Final protector from headache

Quantum Box/Prayer - Switches off unwanted thoughts.

Help ensure successful conception and prevent miscarriage - Helps conception by suggesting to breason out the Anarchy quiz in conjunction with meditation.

Lucianic Pedagogical Medicine - Diagnose and Treat Non-A Status of Organs - If an organ has an A, confirm it, otherwise give it an A.

4 Glasses of Water and Exercise 45 Minutes Before Breakfast - To prepare the digestive system tract for breakfast and to prepare the body for the day.

Yoga to Prevent Headaches on Train and a Bent Spine - Practise surya namaskara yoga in the morning and evening and yoga asanas in the morning and evening to prevent headaches in vehicles and to prevent a bent spine.

Dry Eyes Lyrics - Song about maintaining dry eyes.

Fewer Mental Breakdowns (Schizophrenia) - Argument about ways to prevent mental breakdowns.

Less Depression - argument about ways of preventing depression.

Head of State Head Ache Prevention - Stay on an intersection path with positive bodies, such as healthy food.

Elderberry Blocks Binding Sites of Bacteria and Viruses -  Prevent colds and flu by blocking binding sites of bacteria and viruses.

Laughter for Depression - Laughter is yoga for depression.

Food – Grains Nuts Fruits Vegetables - Eat unprocessed food.

Pedagogy Grades and Failure - Prevent failure in education with Pedagogy.

Pedagogy Course Plan - Study from a selection of Pedagogy, Medicine, Meditation, Philosophy, Computer Science and Creative Writing to become pedagogue.

Get in Touch with God about Breasonings Details to see High Quality Imagery and Earn A - Breason out the Breasonings Details to see high quality imagery and earn A-grade.

Prevent a Panic Attack with Monitored Breathing and Meditation - Prevent a panic attack with monitored breathing and stopping thinking that symptoms indicate a life threatening condition.

Go to Bed at 9:30 PM - Go to bed at 9:30 PM to rise afresh.

250 Breasonings For High Quality Imagery In Writing Areas Of Study (e.g. Productions) Without Discomfort - Write 250 Breasonings For High Quality Imagery When Writing Areas Of Study (e.g. Productions) Without Discomfort.

Preventing Sales from Being Dangerous - For the best breasoning environment.

Perpetual University Short Courses - Study short courses while breasoning.

Job Medicine - Breason out daily and for pedagogy-related headaches

See also: Lucianic Meditation, Lucianic Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment, Computer Science.

Rest of Medicine Details Edit

The details of the incomplete Lucianic Medicine Area of Study that the Lucianpedia Lucianic Medicine Breasoning Chapters "unlock" are as follows.

Doctor Sutra - Psychiatry, preventable illness, A for medication, point to anticold vitamins, protection of whole body

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