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The Languages Repository allows List Prolog Interpreter (LPI) to be used in languages other than English.

The Languages Repository allows installing languages in LPI, generating documentation for LPI in that language and translating algorithms between languages.

Installing languages in LPI[]

The list of languages which LPI can run in is at Translate Shell and includes Mandarin Chinese and European languages.  

Generating documentation for LPI in other languages[]

The documentation includes installation instructions, commands and a tutorial on grammars.  The documentation produced is in markdown language (.md) and is produced by translating code between '``' (backticks), translating text outside HTML tags and not translating text between '&&' (ampersands).

Translating algorithms between languages[]

The algorithm loosely traverses the algorithm and converts whatever structures and items between languages.  English is in the form e.g. [n,my_name1] while other languages are in the form ["n","my name 1"] to allow for capitalised names and translations with spaces.  Note: strings passed as data are translated, so the finished algorithm should be proofread for accuracy.