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GitHub Repositories[]

Daily Regimen - Daily meditation and immortality scripts

GitL - A decentralised version control system.

Lucian CI/CD - Automatically tests recent changes.

State Saving Interpreter - saves the variable and recursive state of the interpreter to disk.

Time Machine - Travel through time with meditation

Languages - Allows using List Prolog Interpreter in other languages

Text to Breasoning - Converts to a High Distinction.

Philosophy - Lucianic Philosophy Algorithms.

Algorithm-Writer-with-Lists - Generates Random Algorithms

Combination-Algorithm-Writer (CAW)

Combination Algorithm Writer with Predicates (CAWP)

Combination-Algorithm-Writer-Multiple-Predicates (CAWMP) - Writes algorithms with multiple predicates

Mind Reader - Contains Prolog programs that can be used by an individual to read their mind using meditation

Music-Composer - Music Composer can (optionally mind read to) create songs.

List Prolog Interpreter - Algorithm that runs list-like algorithms

Prolog-to-List-Prolog - Converts Prolog algorithms to List Prolog algorithms


List-Prolog-to-Prolog - Converts List Prolog code to Prolog code.

Text to Algorithm


Split-on-Phrases - Splits text files into groups of files

Program Finder - Finds recursive algorithms from the structure of data.

Cultural Translation Tool

Grammar Interpreter - Grammar Interpreter (Actually Two Uses or Instances of a Word)

Database Formula Finder

File2List2Br - Helps earn high distinctions using a series of files.

Combination Algorithm Writer (with Predicates) Stable (CAWPS) - Stable algorithm writer in earlier List Prolog.

List Prolog Package Manager - Allows GitHub Repositories and their dependencies to be downloaded with a single command.

Essay Helper - Questions user to write essays with KNN that detects reused sentences.

Simple List Prolog to List Prolog - adds n for predicate name and v for variable for grammar support for List Prolog,

Question Answering Database-Style Algorithm Finder (qa_db_finder) - Writes cross-word style algorithms in Prolog.

Logic Formula Finder

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