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On this page are links to Lucian's philosophical texts.

Of all the pages in this section, only a handful of the chapters have been converted into philosophical essays on the particular topic, however by "breasoning out" the breasoning list derived from each chapter, you will deserve an A grade that is a token of professionalism.  Given 10 of these As you will deserve a major, and given 3 of these majors, you will deserve a degree.  See advantages of degrees.

See also Understanding Philosophers' Comments on Computational English in Arguments.

Biography of Lucian Green 

Autobiography - Lucian's contemporaries.

Computational English - How English is analysed by computational algorithms, like the functioning of the robot mind.

Computer Science - Algorithms used for pedagogy, etc.

Economics - Includes Leadership philosophy.

Hermeneutics - Computational hermeneutics, or the interpretation of texts.

Humanist Pedagogy - Exposits the system used to earn high distinctions, have babies and earn jobs

Lucian Meditation - Philosophical system behind Lucian meditation.

Medicine - Necessary for the Meditation system.

Metaphysics - Exposition and syntheses of Lucian's metaphysical concepts.

Philosophy of Music - Arguments from Lucian's songs.

Plays - Lucian's plays.

Popology - Lucian examines the cultivation of people.

Notebook 25 - Popology, Theology and Societology

Other texts may be found here:

[1], Theology, Societology, Mind Reading, Time Travel

See also: Prolog Primer with Questions and Prolog Primer with for a primer on how the programming language Prolog, featured here, works.

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